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Spreadsheets for estimating emissions from...
Asphalt Plants   Rev. F  7/18/2012  [XLS]
Coal combustion  Rev. H  2/7/2012  [XLS]
Concrete Batching  Rev. B  11/5/2013  [XLS]
Cotton Gins   Rev. E   1/3/2007  [XLS]
Feedmills  Rev. A  2/11/1996  [XLS]
Fuel oil combustion  Rev. G  11/5/2012  [XLS]
Human Crematory   9/1/2009  [XLS]
Incinerators (municipal, medical waste, etc.)     [Lotus 123]
Internal combustion (large gasoline and diesel engines)   Rev. I  1/30/2012  [XLS]
Internal combustion (small gasoline and diesel engines)  Rev. R  1/30/2012  [XLS]
LPG combustion   Rev. D  2/1/2010  [XLS]
Medical waste incinerators (specifically)  Rev. C  5/16/2000  [XLS]
Natural gas combustion  Rev. L  10/8/2013  [XLS]
Stone quarries and stone crushing  Rev. C  5/23/2011  [XLS]
Wood Waste combustion  Rev. J  7/14/2011  [XLS]
Woodwork  Rev. C  7/9/2007  [XLS]
Woodwork (Lumber Kilns)
Woodwork (Lumber Kilns - Documentation)
  Rev. C
Official NC PERMITS Control Device Analysis Spreadsheets    [ZIP]
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