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CNG Fueled Vehicles
You must plan your trip when driving a CNG vehicle
The average Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle has a range of only 120-180 miles per tank of fuel, depending on driving conditions. Therefore, when you travel in a CNG vehicle, you must plan your trip so that you can arrive at one of the listed refueling sites during their normal operating hours and before you run out of fuel. Unlike the standard gasoline vehicle, when the CNG vehicle runs out of fuel it must be towed to the closest refueling site.

Therefore, it is imperative that before you start your trip, you must first select the fueling sites you wish to use, call to find out if their station is operational, what their normal operating hours are, and if they will allow you to refuel at their site. The sites listed below are a combination of public and private stations and may not always be open to the general public.

NOTE: Refueling at a fast fill station takes only 3-5 minutes but refueling at a slow fill station can take up to 8 hours to completely fill your tank.
Station Name Address City Contact Phone Customers Contact Hours Days Payment Type
City of Asheville 45 McCormick Place Asheville 828-259-5700
GP Richard Grant 24 / 7   PK/CC FF
NC-CNG (Altech ) 2618 Hendersonville Road Arden 828-337-8215 GP Miles George 24 / 7   CC FF
Butner Federal Prison Old Hwy #75 Butner 919-575-5000
SO Joey House 7:30am-3pm M-F I FF
Town of Chapel Hill 6850 Millhouse Road Chapel Hill 919-969-5142 SL Dale Gibson 8am-5pm M-F I FF
Piedmont Natural Gas 112 B Verbena Drive Charlotte 704-364-3120
Ext. 4392
GP Greg Johnson 7:30am-3:30pm
24h with arrangement
Piedmont Natural Gas 2611 Greengate Drive Greensboro 336-271-5030 GP Charles Vanhook 7:30am-3:30pm
24h with arrangement
PSNC Energy 800 Gaston Drive Gastonia 704-810-3282 GP George Summerlin 24 / 7   PK FF
City of Hickory 1441 9th Avenue NE Hickory 828-323-7574 GP Doug Ingle 24 / 7   CC FF
Davidson County Garage 925 N. Main Street Lexington 336-242-2250 GP Attendant 8am-5pm M-F Cash FF
PSNC Energy 600 W. Cabarrus Street
Moving to
4221 Global Road
Raleigh 919-836-2428 GP Todd Smith 7am-5pm M-F PK FF
City of Raleigh 4120 New Bern Avenue Raleigh 919-996-5616 GP Receptionist 7am-3:30pm M-F CC FF
City of Winston-Salem 650 Stadium Drive Winston-Salem 336-748-3893 SL Trace Owen 7:30am-10:30pm M-F I FF
Dept. of Transportation 300 Craft Drive Winston-Salem 336-896-7021 SL Clide McKinney 24 / 7   PK FF
City of Wake Forest 601 S. White Street Wake Forest 919-554-6120 GP Roy O'Donell 24 / 7 M-F CC FF

Key to Acronyms
GP = General Public
SL = State & Local Gov't Only
SO = State Only
C = Cash
I = Invoice
PK = Pro-Kee
CC = Credit Card
FF = Fast Fill
SF = Slow Fill