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Division of Air Quality Civil Penalties (last 6 months) [PDF]  [Text] Updated monthly

DAQ Civil Penalties - March 2014 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - February 2014 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - January 2014 [PDF] [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - December 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - November 2013 [PDF] [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - October 2013 [PDF] [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - September 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - August 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - July 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - June 2012 [PDF] [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - May 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

DAQ Civil Penalties - April 2013 [PDF]  [Text]

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