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Compliance & Enforcement

Reporting: 12 Month Total Spreadsheets
[XLS]         Semiannual [XLS]
Printable forms for reporting on a 12 month rolling basis.
Annual Compliance Certification
Find more information about Annual Compliance Certification and obtain the DAQ Certification Forms.
Excess Emissions, Deviations, and Malfunction Determinations
Find guidance and procedures for excess emission events, malfunction determinations and deviation reporting.
Civil Penalty Assessments
View reports for the past 12 months detailing civil penalties assessed by DAQ.
Emission Measurement
Find reference materials, policies, and other information pertaining to source emissions testing.
Special Orders by Consent
View the content of Special Orders by Consent (SOCs) at public notice and active SOCs issued by the Environmental Management Commission (EMC).
Maps of Facilities with Air Permits
View maps of facilities permitted by the Division of Air Quality.
Chemical Accident Prevention
Find information on the prevention of accidental chemical releases as mandated by section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act.
Tiered Enforcement
DENR Policy and October 1, 2011 letter.
Open Burning
Find regulations, forms, brochures, and other information concerning open burning in North Carolina.
Stage I Vapor Recovery
Find out about stage I vapor recovery and it's impact on gasoline service stations throughout the state.
Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM)
CAM Rule, Guidance Materials, and Frequently Asked Questions.
Smoking Vehicle Complaint Form
Submit this form to file a complaint against a motor vehicle spewing excessive exhaust into the air.
Compliance Monitoring Strategy (CMS)
Find EPA policy, DAQ implementation memo and other information.
Compliance Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Find guidance on the Landfill MACT and Air Toxic compliance demonstration.
How NC DAQ Will Evaluate Natural Gas Curtailment
Background on how NC DAQ will evaluate fuel switching due to natural gas curtailment.

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