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There are two AAPA status reports which are updated daily. These reports contain information on all Active Air Permit Applications received for review by the Division of Air Quality.

The Adobe Acrobat (PDF) provides a quick look at the current application status, facility information, assigned permit review engineer, etc.

The MS Excel spreadsheet (XLS) is a more comprehensive report providing information about the current application status and key milestone event dates (e.g., additional information requested and received dates, sent to EPA review date, public notice published date, public hearing date, etc.).

To search for an air permit application by facility name, SIC code, regional office, review engineer, etc. use your browser's find feature.

Permit Application Status Reports

Quick Look Status Report [Adobe PDF]
Comprehensive Status Report [Excel XLS]

Both current as of Apr 20, 2014

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  • DENR Permits Application Tracker (searchable map)
  • The DAQ staff directory has the permit review engineer's telephone number, email address and location.

    Information on the regional office that serves your area

  • Asheville Regional Office (ARO)
  • Fayetteville Regional Office (FRO)
  • Mooresville Regional Office (MRO)
  • Raleigh Regional Office (RRO)
  • Washington Regional Office (WARO)
  • Wilmington Regional Office (WIRO)
  • Winston-Salem Regional Office (WSRO)

  • Raleigh Central Office (RCO) (Title V permits only)

  • For information on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes, please visit the OSHA - Standard Industrial Classification Search webpage at http://www.osha.gov/oshstats/sicser.html.

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