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(a) This Rule applies to wastewater collection and treatment systems at pulp and paper mills that are exempted under Rule .0702 of this Section. (b) Except for facilities that employ activated sludge type wastewater treatment systems, the owner or operator of a wastewater collection and treatment system covered under this Rule shall:




(4) (5)

submit to the Director estimates of hydrogen sulfide, total reduced sulfur, and methyl mercaptan emissions from wastewater collection and treatment systems and components using estimation methods or factors developed through industry testing and analytical studies and approved by the Director by November 1, 2005. In deciding approval of the estimation methods and factors, the Director shall consider field validation procedures including the number of valid samples taken, when measurements are made, laboratory and field measurement quality assurance procedures, and other information necessary in producing accurate and precise measurements. The Director shall report to the Environmental Management Commission the information submitted under this Subparagraph by January 1, 2006; using the emission estimates developed under Subparagraph (b)(1), perform air dispersion modeling of all hydrogen sulfide emission sources, including all emissions associated with the wastewater collection and treatment system, as described in 15A NCAC 02D .1106 (a) through (i). If the modeling analysis demonstrates that predicted concentrations of hydrogen sulfide are below the acceptable ambient levels outlined in 15A NCAC 02D .1104, no further plan development, measurement or monitoring action is required to maintain the exemption provided by this Rule. The results of the favorable modeling demonstration must be submitted to the Director by July 1, 2006. The Director shall report to the Environmental Management Commission the information submitted under this Subparagraph by September 1, 2006; if the dispersion modeling performed under Subparagraph (b)(2) of this rule shows that the acceptable ambient level for hydrogen sulfide is exceeded, submit to the Director, on or before September 30, 2006, for approval by the Director, an ambient air quality monitoring plan designed to assess actual ambient levels of hydrogen sulfide typical of pulp and paper mill operations. The monitoring plan may be undertaken at each of the individual mill sites or, at the option of the affected mill sites, it may be undertaken at a single North Carolina mill site that the Director determines to be representative of the industry. The Director shall complete review and make the decision regarding approval of the monitoring plan by December 31, 2006; by June 30, 2007, implement the ambient monitoring study plan required in Subparagraph (b)(3) to determine the actual ambient levels of hydrogen sulfide near pulp and paper mills; complete the ambient hydrogen sulfide monitoring plan and report the results to the Director and to the Chairperson of the Environmental Management Commission by December 31, 2008 and the Director shall report to the Environmental Management Commission the information submitted under this Subparagraph by February 28, 2009 for further consideration.

(c) To perform ambient monitoring for hydrogen sulfide under Subparagraph (b)(3) of this Rule, the owner or operator shall use monitoring methods and procedures approved by the Director. The Director shall approve the monitoring methods and procedures if he determines that they are an appropriate measure of ambient air concentrations of hydrogen sulfide.

History Note:

Authority G.S. 143-215.3(a)(1); 143-215.65; 143-215.66; 143B-282; Eff. April 1, 2005.


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