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(a) The Director may withdraw emission reduction credits if the emission reduction credits

(1) (2) (3) have already been used; are incorrectly calculated; or achieved are less than those claimed.

(b) If a banked emission reduction credit were calculated using an emission factor and the emission factor changes, the Director shall revise the banked emission reduction credit to reflect the change in the emission factor. If a banked emission reduction credit had been used, then no change shall be made in the use credit. (c) When a rule is adopted or amended in this Subchapter or Subchapter 15A NCAC 02Q after November 1, 2005, the Director shall adjust the banked emission reduction credits to account for changes in emissions that would be allowed under the new emission limitation with which the source must currently comply if it is still operating. If a source has permanently ceased operations, then the Director shall make no adjustments in its banked emissions reduction credits. If a banked emission reduction credit has been used, no change shall be made in the used credit.

History Note:

Authority G.S. 143-215.3(a)(1); 143-215.107(a)(12); Eff. December 1, 2005.


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