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For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions apply:



(3) (4) (5)

History Note:

"Construction" means any activity following land clearing or grading that engages in a program of construction specifically designed for a transportation facility in preparation for the fabrication, erection, or installation of the building components which are a part of the transportation facility, e.g. curbing, footings, conduit, paving, etc. "Modify" or "modification" means to alter or change the facility resulting in an increase in parking capacity as defined in Rule .0805 of this Section or the number of aircraft operations from an airport as defined in Rule .0804 of this Section. "Peak-hour aircraft operation" means the hour during the calendar year when the maximum number of aircraft operations (one operation equals one takeoff or one landing) occur. "Owner or developer" means any person who owns, leases, develops, or controls a transportation facility. "Transportation facility" means a complex source as defined in G.S. 143-213(22) which is subject to the requirements of this Section. Filed as a Temporary Amendment Eff. March 8, 1994 for a period of 180 days or until the permanent rule becomes effective, whichever is sooner; Authority G.S. 143-215.3(a)(1); 143-215.109; Eff. February 1, 1976; Amended Eff. July 1, 1994; July 1, 1984.


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