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Air Jeopardy! Instructions

System Requirements
Air Jeopardy! is a JAVA™ applet written in JAVA version 1.0. To play the game, your WEB browser must support Javascript and Java 1.0. The game has been tested using Internet Explorer version 5.0 and Netscape Navigator versions 4.7 and 6.0.

Air Jeopardy! is a trivia game comprised of topics about air pollution, weather, and other air quality issues. There are 5 answers per topic, ranging in value from 100 to 500 points in Air Jeopardy! and from 200 to 1000 points in Air Double Jeopardy! The user selects a point value and is then confronted with an answer. The object of the game is to guess the correct question from the given answer.

A full game consists of 3 rounds: Air Jeopardy!, Air Double Jeopardy!, and Air Final Jeopardy! The first two rounds are comprised of 25 questions and answers each, with the final round having only one question and answer. After each round, the player is given the opportunity to proceed to the next round, restart the game, or quit the game. The player may exit the game at any time by clicking the "Close Window" link appearing at the bottom right of the Air Jeopardy! screens.

Game screen elements
 Screenshot of Air Jeopardy! showing important elements of the game screen The Air Jeopardy! screen consists of seven important elements:

  • Game title is displayed at the top of each screen to indicate which round is currently in play.
  • Category Names, or topics, are displayed underneath the Game title.
  • The Game board, the main portion of the screen, consists of 5 buttons per topic (25 in all) with point values.
  • The Answer area appears at the bottom left portion of the screen. It is here that answers are displayed after a point value is selected.
  • The 'Get Question' button appears at bottom center portion of the screen. This button becomes enabled only after a point value is selected and the answer is displayed. Pressing this button will then reveal the correct question in the question area.
  • The 'Clear' button appears at the bottom center portion of the screen, underneath the 'Get Question' button. The clear button is enabled only after 'Get Question' is pressed and both the answer and question are revealed. By pressing this button, the player clears both the question and answer areas and proceeds to select another category and point value.
  • The Question area appears at the bottom right portion of the screen. It is here that the correct question is displayed after the 'Get Question' button is pressed.

 Screenshot of Air Jeopardy! showing game screen after a point value is selected  Game play
 After the game has fully loaded, the player selects any point value from the game board by clicking the mouse  on the desired point value.

 Screenshot of Air Jeopardy! showing game screen after player presses the 'Get Question' button When the player clicks on a point value, the appropriate answer is immediately displayed in the answer area. In addition, the 'Get Question' button becomes enabled while the main game board becomes disabled. Also, the selected point value is removed from the game board.

 Screenshot of Air Jeopardy! showing game screen after 'Clear' button is pressed To reveal the question corresponding to the answer displayed, the player presses the 'Get Question' button.  After this button is pressed, the 'Clear' button becomes enabled and the correct question is displayed in the  Question area. At this point, the player presses the 'Clear' button to clear the current answer and question.  Now, the game board is once again enabled and this process may be repeated for all point values in the round.

Between Rounds
After finishing any given round (i.e., after selecting all point values on the game board, the user is presented with three options: Proceed to the next round) except when finishing Air Final Jeopardy!), starting over, or quitting the game.

Enjoy learning about air quality with Air Jeopardy!