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Air Jeopardy!

Air Jeopardy! is an online trivia game packed with information about air pollution, weather, and other air quality issues. A list of answers and questions used in the game is also available for your convenience.

Coloring Book, Air Pollution A-Z

This coloring book is designed to help students learn about air pollution while having fun. You may view individual pages, or you download the entire coloring book (PDF). This is also available on our Kid's pages. Note the links below will open a new browser window.

  1. Air Pollution A-Z Front Cover [GIF]
  2. Letter to Students [GIF]
  3. Air Pollution from A-C [GIF]
  4. Air Pollution from D-F [GIF]
  5. Air Pollution from G-I [GIF]
  6. Air Pollution from J-L [GIF]
  7. Air Pollution from M-O [GIF]
  8. Air Pollution from P-Q [GIF]
  9. Air Pollution from R-T [GIF]
  10. Air Pollution from U-W [GIF]
  11. Air Pollution from X-Y [GIF]
  12. Air Pollution - letter Z [GIF]
  13. Air Pollution A-Z Back Cover [GIF]
Links for Kids
Classroom Programs

>NCDAQ offers free education programs in the Triangle area and Western NC. Programs are correlated to the North Carolina Essential Standards, and can be combined, expanded and customized according to available time and teacher goals. For Western N.C. contact Keith Bamberger: (828) 296-4500, Keith.Bamberger@ncdenr.gov. For the Triangle and other areas of North Carolina contact, Teresa Colon: (919) 707-8436 Teresa.Colon@ncdenr.gov.


Air Quality Workshops for Elementary, Middle and High School

The goal of this free workshop is to make teachers familiar with the properties of air, what air pollution is, how each of us contributes to air pollution, and the things we can do to prevent it. We try to reach this goal through a combination of hands-on activities, presentation materials, videos and games. Each teacher will leave the workshop with a notebook and a video, plus lots of great ideas. A pre-workshop assignment will be required by each attendee in order to receive: One Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) and Criteria I Credit for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certificate. The assignment materials will be mailed to each person in advance. You will be required to watch a 15-minute video on ozone and read a number of related documents. This two-hour assignment will help you better understand the color codes in the Air Quality Index and the heath message associated with ozone forecasting. For more information about Air Quality Workshops for Elementary, Middle and High School, please contact Teresa.Colon@ncdenr.gov or call (919) 707-8436 or Jonathan.Navarro@ncdenr.gov or call (919) 707-8494.

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