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NC Air Awareness

Air Awareness

  • The Air Awareness Program is a public outreach and education program of the Division of Air Quality with local air quality programs across the state.

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What's the Problem?

  • Why should you care about air pollution? Air pollution can harm everyone's health and damage the environment. Air pollution can lead to breathing problems such as asthma and emphysema.
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Air Quality Forecast

  • See the future. Know the air pollution levels the day before they happen. Click below to go to our Air Quality Forecast Center.
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Protect Your Health

Take Action!

  • Ozone and particle pollution, the two biggest air quality concerns in North Carolina, come from many of the same sources, primarily motor vehicles and industry.
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Teachers & Students

  • Teachers! Let us help you teach a class, add to your Professional Teaching Standards portfolio, and meet all the new core and essesial standards.
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Turn Off Your Engine

Employer Resources

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Buncombe County Air Awareness, Western NC Air Awareness, Unifour Air Awareness, Charlotte Air Awareness, Triad Air Awareness, Triangle Air Awareness, Fayetteville Air Awareness, NC Air Awareness, NC Air Awareness,
Buncombe County Air Awareness 828-250-6777
Charlotte Air Awareness 704-336-5424
Fayetteville Air Awareness 910-433-3380
Unifour Air Awareness 828-485-4283
NC Air Awareness Jonathan Navarro,
Teresa Colon,
Triad Air Awareness Lorelei Elkins, 336-703-2449
Triangle Air Awareness 919-707-8400
Western NC Air Awareness 828-296-4500